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Overcoming the Curve of Ignorance

Overcoming the Curve of ignorance

Book Cover

I have publish a new eBook called Overcoming the Curve of Ignorance.

Short Description:
Overcoming the Curve of Ignorance is a short teaching on the situation and emotions that confront many new and expectant parents. Overcoming the Curve of Ignorance is a great teaching on things where many find that they are in the world of the unknown.

This book is a must-read for all young couples and parents-to-be. Through the wisdom of an experienced parenting teacher, who was himself an expectant father and found himself in the “curve of ignorance.” He turned to the Bible and through its timeless truths, he managed to learn methods of teaching the unborn. He will be beside the reader to go through the lessons he learnt. This book has been designed to be easy to follow with simple lessons to give guidance and encouragement at this precious time.
In covering the most crucial lessons and tips on how to teach an unborn child, this book will open your eyes to God’s will for your family and especially your baby. Some years ago many people, including the professionals, thought that children were born like a clean, blank sheet of paper as yet unwritten. But now we know differently. Knowledge of the activities of the fetus in the womb is much deeper and has been studied extensively. We now know that the fetus can learn and be able to retain cognitively what they learned in the womb.

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