About Me

Elasto Marume started ministering in church as a child evangelism teacher and became a great influential leader in the establishing of the group that deals with children of all ages and pre-teens which is so popular in Africa and other parts of the world. Seen great transformation of many young people of that age. Traveled extensively teaching the word and leading workshops on parenting as well as giving Christian life lessons to young people. He is a father of five children and five grand children. With great passion for children he is still working with parents to help them raise up their children spiritually and to be responsible citizens.

Elasto Marume has a long standing experience in the pastoral training for at least two decades. His pastoral calling is marked by empathetic and passionate shepherd-ship and the love of God.
Taught in some of the most powerful colleges in Southern Africa as well as UK. Currently lives in UK where he came as a missionary. He is currently the senior pastor of a ministry and a bible college.

Elasto has a great passion for studying the bible the word of God.
He has a great desire to learn and research all about the word of God. He is an upcoming author, also a radio presenter on the eschatology and parenting subjects.
A teacher of the word who teaches with passion, understanding and demonstration of power. He holds a Bachelor of Theology (B.TH) degree. Currently doing degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy at a university in UK.



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