22 Aug

 I have published an eBook on the Smashwoods. It is a book about Christians affected or infected with HIV/AIDS virus. While they believe in healing, they still have to maintain their faith in God against the stigma, be it self or from others. Salvation is not in the body but in spirit.

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The most challenging questions in many church members’ minds, including the leadership is, “Can a person who is affected or infected by the HIV/AIDS virus remain a Christian?” This book will help you understand what it’s all about. It will give you the answers beyond the shadow of a doubt.

This book is a direct encouragement to those Christians who are living with HIV/AIDS. It is also a great source of encouragement to those who have not yet believed in Christ Jesus, as long as they are living with HIV/AIDS. It can be used by anyone who is struggling with any kind of a sickness as well to lift up his/her faith.

The information in this booklet has helped many people who were giving up, rise up again and stand. As long as you recite it always and keep your focus on the man Jesus Christ, you will get to that place of your spiritual strength. Once you are there, your immune system will rise up.

I have been working with people of the community for some years. I am a teacher of the Word of God. I have been teaching in theological colleges in the third world and first countries for over twenty years now. There is one thing I have observed and understood some things in the way Jesus Christ understood during his time on earth.

There were people with some diseases which no one would want to get close to, let alone touching them. Those are the people he would go closer to and touch as he ministered to them. I have listed a few Scriptures to stand as examples of how he went forth to those who were sick with all kinds of sicknesses.






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